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About Me

12 random facts about me:

1. I love chocolate. A lot.
2. I love the sweetness and joy of a wedding day.
3. Pregnant women amaze me. They are beautiful and glowing even if they think they are not.
4. My amazing and beautiful baby daughter is my biggest inspiration.
5. I like to wear black and blue. But I have a lot of pink clothes in my closet. Go figure.
6. I am married to an absolutely amazing man who is full of wonderful ideas.
7. I love to travel. It is so lovely to discover new colors, patterns and customs. I like meeting new people.
8. I like reading a lot and I always have a book with me. I also like watching movies of almost any kind.
9. I wish I could cook like my mother.
10. Everything is all about details for me. I think I would choose a microscope over a telescope any day.
11. I see beauty in everyone and everything. I see it in a smile, a frown, wrinkles in a face, first tooth, snow, shadow, abandoned building, and pretty much everything else.
12. Photography is a part of me. I would love to capture your beauty!